Saturday, December 8, 2007

Say what!?! NHTSA offering prizes to police for writing tickets?

Your tax dollars at work here folks. Since the folks over at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration apparently have nothing more important to do. They have announced their new National Law Enforcement Challenge Award. What exactly does this mean? Well the NHTSA is looking at police agency ticket counts and judging them by it.

To the point where they are taking points away if a department does not have a "no warning" policy. Bonus points can also be awarded to those creative departments that make their officers extra stealthy. This means undercover as say a tourist, Santa Claus, road workers, or my favorite a cruiser parked in the median of the highway with a dummy in seat.

Since the money to support this program is being diverted from gasoline tax revenue. What exactly is the five-O receiving? Well topping out the list of prizes are specially customized Dodge Charge and Magnum police cruisers. "Hot Pursuit" models packing Hemi V8s, cold air intakes and Borla exhaust systems.