Friday, December 28, 2007

Pick your poison. 2009 Camaro Color Chart

Now first off, these are not official from GM. A diligent reader of, who just happens to work in the body shop of a Chevy dealer found these. So a Thank You goes out to this anonymous reader. Known only as Chris.

What we have is a list of 8 "possible" colors and the names of two others, sans the color chip. Those colors are Switchblade Silver Metallic and Aqua blue Metallic. We did notice that there is also a lack of white or green shades for the Camaro. I don't know about green, but it would look good in white. So we'll take this for what it is, and hope to hear something from Chevrolet soon. Here is the list.

*Victory Red
*Red Jewel Metallic
*Imperial Blue Metallic
*Ink Slate Metallic
*Mocha Bronze Metallic
*Dark Tarnished Silver Metallic
*Switchblade Silver Metallic
*Aqua Blue Metallic
We'll take ours in Mocha Bronze Metallic wit silver stripes.