Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, I think we will

We're goin Buggy for VW Bugs!

Aother beautiful cal looker

The sun, the color, the sunroof, the wheels, the stance. P E R F E C T!

Boy that's nice

Nothing quite like a European interpretation of a classic California Look VW. This one's a 1963 built by the folks at The Bug Box.

The Bug Box

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tonight. On an all new Top Gear.......

That's right folks. Top Gear USA is finally making it's US variant debut on our shores. Tomorrow night, Sunday Nov. 21st at 10/9 Central on the History Channel. Hosted by Adam Ferrara, Tanner Faust, and Rutledge Wood, along with (non Ben Collins) Stig. I don't expect it to take the place of the original and still the best Top Gear from the BBC. Especially since the hosts so far aren't Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. But it's worth a shot and will make for another automotive show to watch that doesn't revolve around Nascar. So that's a good sign. So who's the US Stig? I'm betting on Mario Andretti.

Top Gear USA

The days of wine and roses

From a time when it took a real man to chase down a split window corvette at over 100 miles per hour on bias ply white walls and a lap belt. These guys were serious race drivers.

A few more from So-sos.

Positive Camber

No one can deny the 1927 Bugatti type 37 as one of the greatest grand prix racers of the early 20th century.