Saturday, October 20, 2007

Audi Metroproject breaks cover.

Meet the Audi A1 "Metroproject Quattro" unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show. While the full press release has not yet been made available, here is what we can tell.

The A1 appears to be a "Mini Fighter" in size. Styling is crisp to Audi's standards, and definately looks the part with its squat, aggressive, hatchback body. At first glance at an interior shot, it would seem that the engine is mounted in the rear like the VW UP! but it isn't. That's a battery pack back there, with a glass cover showcasing the fact that this little Audi is a hybrid.

Being the fact that is an Audi, of course this concept features Quattro all wheel drive. If Metroproject Quattro does make it to production. The main competition will be the Mini and the new Fiat 500. Combined with all wheel drive and Hybrid tecnologies, this is definately one car to keep an eye open for. Due to a full press release not being available. Please check back for further info on this exciting new Audi.